At the beginning of our story was this beautiful female, a burmese with big eyes and a great burmese expression. She was really naughty tortie, but though she was abble to give us lots of love. Two times loving, precious mum of very nice kittens. I never forget our shared moments.

At the time of our beginnings we were so happy with a big help of Mr. José Panamá (Chupacabra*CZ). We appreciate his help and advices very much!
Also we are so grateful for a friendship of Anne Marie Hansen (DK*Bjelke).

We cannot thank enough for trusting of the breeders of our imported cats. Namely Sara Mitzeus Wecksell (S*Stjarnviks) for our beloved WW 07 S*Stjarnviks Honey Monroe and Anne Marie Hansen for CH DK*Bjelke Norman JW. They was our breeding base. Their blue daughter - Monstera Deliciosa Charlesbur*CZ - has become a mother of our the most beautiful, sweetest kittens, who continue in our breeding and in a breeding of our friend.

I thank so much also Naomi Johnson from England for letting us to have our blue girl - GB*Vervain Passiflora, which broughts very very much good things into our breeding.

I thank also to Eva Lundstrom (S*Globetrotter) for letting us to have her sweet and beautiful cream kitten boy - S*Globetrotter Fabiano!

Below there are some of our next burmeses, all beloved just as our the first.